You have problem:

your couple is splitting of ? We give you advice on the required procedures and   legal proceedings.
you have been mugged, you are the victim of a theft, of a road accident? We assist you in the required   legal procedures (complaint, follow through, assistance at the hearing, negotiations with the insurance   company of the party at fault).
• you are not satisfied with the purchase of a residence or with building works? We help you with   implementing the various guarantees that exist.
a problem with your employer ? We advise you in the way to act and assist you before the industrial   tribunal.

We give you a preliminary opinion during a verbal consultation (cost: 50 to 100 €) and we assist you throughout the procedure. An estimation of our fees will be provided during the first appointment.
Besides the above examples, we can also help you in various other fields:


Indemnification of accident victims
Medical liability
Banking law – security law
Insurance law
Forming companies
Consumption law
Debt overload


Family law
Labor law
Criminal law
Collection of debt
Property law
Real estate law, co-ownership
Challenging of planning permission
Inheritance law


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