The firm was created in 1984 by Patrick RIBES and Anne RIBES-LOREAL. They are both former Presidents of the Bar of BONNEVILLE.  Anne RIBES-LOREAL has been honorary attorney-at-law since 2005.


Agnès RIBES, partner

Attorney since 1995
LL.M of European Community Law
(U. of Essex, GB)

Main activities:

- Building law and co-ownership law
- Contract law and commercial   disputes
- L
abor law
- Indemnification of accident victims

Speaks English



Attorney since 2004

Main activities:
- Family law
- Criminal law
- Labor and social law
- Medical liability


In collaboration with:
Jeannine BOCQUET

Attorney, legal counsel since 1976

Main activities:
- Leases
- Attachment of real property
- Collection of debt


In collaboration with:
Emmanuelle MENIN

Attorney since 1996

Main activities:
- Building law and co-ownership law
- Civil liability and insurance


"As an Attorney I swear that I will act with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity."
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